At Hoffmann Dragsted, we want to ensure that the company and our employees navigate within the best possible framework for growth. To help us implement this goal into our everyday doings, we have introduced Performance Management – a simple and easy-to-use system, the purpose of which is to identify the general business objectives of the company and determine how each employee may contribute to achieving these overall goals.

By way of Performance Management, one or more focus areas is/are allocated to each employee, and the focus areas are set out and illustrated in a concrete and relevant development plan.

Every year, the management of Hoffmann Dragsted outlines the strategic goals for the company. Together with management, each employee determines his or her individual objectives for the year ahead, which underpin the overall business objectives. At the same time, the competencies and skills to be demonstrated and developed in order to achieve the objectives are identified.

Our aim is to have satisfied employees with an interest in developing their competencies and skills. In connection with the Performance Management process, our employees draw up annual development plans that specify the projects they wish to participate in and the courses, e-learning sessions etc. they wish to attend. Also, each employee is encouraged to make a career development plan that focuses on their individual career goals. Together with management, the employee subsequently identifies the actions that will push him or her in the right direction.